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CHA CHA – Sonny´s nye sang og video, filmet i Los Angeles 2016.

Not Gonna Leave Her Alone – filmet i Hollywood i sommeren 2013. Sangen er fra Sonny`s anmelderroste nye album International. Musikmagasinet Gaffa gav albummet 4 stjerner og skrev “på højde med det bedste RnB fra USA” læs mere på


Bad Girl musikvideo optaget i Hollywood, med Oscar vindende Instruktør og fotograf – sangen er fra Sonny`s anmelderroste nye album International. Musikmagasinet Gaffa gav albummet 4 stjerner og skrev “på højde med det bedste RnB fra USA” læs mere på


The Entertainment Bank/Musicdish USA ”His voice is definitely one that listeners will enjoy. Hot beats, great hooks, and solid vocal performances that are just right for the music, are the hallmark of “International,”and if this album doesn’t make you tap your foot, bob your head, or at least put you in better mood, then you’d better check your pulse because you just might be in trouble.

Europopped “Sonny an artist I’ve been following for well over a year now on Twitter, has finally delivered on his promise via a fantastic released-today video. “Bad Girl” is every bit as good as Justin Timberlake and the Danish talent, now living in Los Angeles, has a very decent shot at breaking in the States thanks to this song and videoclip”.

MyFizzyPop UK ”despite being new to me, Sonny is quite the established pop star in his native Denmark where he has top selling albums, sold out tours and even hit the stage by taking the lead in Grease. Go greased lightning indeed. He’s now set to charm the rest of the world with his new single Bad Girl – there’s certainly a tip of his fedora to Michael Jackson in there, but Sonny’s own personality comes sparkling through on this percussive r’n’b groove. His vocals flawlessly flow to falsetto and back, while the sweet & sensuous middle 8 gives a different perspective from the sparse, groovelicious verse & chorus. It’s visually arresting too as the video below demonstrates with some genuinely brilliant dance moves that deserve to be watched over and over again. Certainly one to keep an eye on if you aren’t already… ”

Swizzer “No doubt this dude has mass amounts of talent. We call him the Euro Justin in the best way possible, he’s got all the ingredients: catchy pop songs, great dancing and a Michael Jackson laced vibe. Plus, just listen. It’s clear he’s dope “.

Onheard-voices USA ”With the success of his 1st single titled “Bad Girl” SONNY is now ready with 2nd single “Juke Joint Love” of his acclaimed album “International”. Los Angeles based SONNY again shows his ability to mix old school feel & sound with todays sound in “Juke Joint Love”.

Ampedsounds USA “The infectious groove of the track is amazingly good. Sonny’s multi-faceted voice mingles through multiple octaves as he sings of a love that may not necessarily be the best suitor for him. The production is smooth but fierce and will compel you to move. The visuals reminded me of watching Michael Jackson in his prime. Scene after scene, Sonny and his leading lady move suavely through the accompanying backdrops while creating alluring moments that will keep you tuned in. It’s a well thought out, well scripted video that you’ll enjoy over and over again”.

Urbanasian “Stay tuned for an Exclusive Interview with SONNY! This guys already at Stardom level! Stay tuned for more on SONNY on!

MyFizzyPop UK “For those of you not in the know, Sonny is quite the triple threat with his acting, dancing and singing abilities. He’s a chart topping artist already in Denmark with four huge albums under his belt; he’s tread the boards with leads in Grease, High School Musical and West Side Story; and he’s danced on America’s Got Talent & the monolithic Dancing With The Stars. His latest album, International, is an absolute corker and the lead single Bad Girl (read my review here) still features on my Saturday night playlist with pleasing regularity. His song for this contest feels like the perfect fusion of his musical influences coalescing with a satisfying contemporary sound. The instrumental is saturated with doffs of the hat to artists like The Bee-Gees, Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson thanks to a slick synth-y disco vibe, while that percolating percussive beat will have even the most reluctant mover shimmying their way onto the dance floor. Sonny gives an effusive, vibrant vocal that is equal part seduction and equal part raconteur as he sings of the feelings the object of his affection arouses in him. In it’s way it’s as much of a love song to the era of classic pop songs as it is a love song to falling in love, both drawing the listener in and giving them a rollicking good time. And knowing Sonny’s ability to turn out a top notch stage presence you can just bet the visuals will be just as alluring as the audio should he get the opportunity to perform on that Eurovision stage. But heck, even if he doesn’t, this is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable addition to his musical cannon. One that should be experienced over and over again. Completely marvelous”.

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